Thailand is considered as one of the best tourist destination and with having a valid tourist visa; you can certainly enjoy exploring this cheap but elegant country. Whether you are on a trip with family, friends or alone, you need to make sure that you get the right tourist visa and have planned your journey well. Getting to know the top things to do and top places to visit in Thailand is the best way to enjoy your trip. The country is known for its cheap food, a grand celebration, never-ending night parties and islands that certainly give a reason to explore this place.If you are planning a trip to Thailand, then here are few top places you must not miss to visit:

  1. Visit the Grand Palace:

Apex Visa Located in the city of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is a scenic place that attracts thousands of tourists along. The palace is located on the banks of River Chao Phraya which gives a picturesque view to tourists. The complex nature of the monument makes this palace a must visit during Thailand tour.

  1. Khao Sok National Park:

Apex Visa This rainiest spot of Thailand is the most significant location of the country. You can expect a dose of nature surrounding this area making it worth to explore.

  1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:

Apex Visa Want to have an experience of shopping in the floating market, then Damnoen Saduak floating market is the right place to go. There is a boat taxi helping tourist to travel throughout the market that will add excitement to your Thailand trip.

  1. Chiang Rai White Temple:

Apex Visa This beautiful temple is located in the Chiang Rai and is known for its architectural masterpiece. Upon viewing this temple, one will get the look of the frozen temple and the interior consists of several statues symbolize life and death. This is surely the most visited location in Thailand.

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