Canada is known for offering a great opportunity for business minded people. Entrepreneurs in India are looking forward to expanding their business in this country. Moreover, with easy immigration rules and business visa norms, it has become easier to expand the business. Successful candidates are those who confidently invest in Canada by starting a business and generate revenue smartly. According to certain reports, in the year 2013, more than 9000 business migrants made an entry in Canada. In the current situation, the Canada government has invited many entrepreneurs to build their business in the land. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa Service Company has witnessed a growth in the application for business visas.There are different categories of Canada Business Visa which can be a good option for entrepreneurs to apply for:

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa: This business visa is for those entrepreneurs carrying net worth of #10 million CND and is ready to do investment at $2 million CND. However, presently this visa is not available currently as it was temporarily closed on December 2015.
  • Start-Up Visa: This visa is designed for those who are planning to open a new business in Canada. Entrepreneurs with significant experience and has the ability to own and manage the business in the new country. The business should have the ability to create employment and revenue.
  • Self-Employed Immigrant Visa: This visa is aimed at persons having relevant experience in athletics or cultural activities and is having the intention to be a self-employed in Canada.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy based in Pune, India. Backed by the core team, Apex visas have earned a great review showcasing the years of experience in this field. Executives carry hands-on experience in handling the immigration visa procedure laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to joining this certified company then do check out the AV Immigration & Career to know more about it


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