One of the biggest hurdles for every traveler from any developing country is to get the visa. No country can accept you without having this essential document. However, different countries have different requirements when it comes to getting the visa. Be it the business visa, PR visa or tourist visa, you need to stay updated with the requirements of the visa. One way to do is by connecting to the visa and immigration service provider like Apex Visas. Executives of the company will offer complete assistance in getting the best information on the same.

Other than this, there are 5 ways on how you can know the visa requirements of countries-

  1. Online Visa Guides-

Thanks to the internet age, you can now find essential details on with just few clicks. There are online visa guides available, which you can use for the assistance in knowing the requirements of the visa for different countries. These visa guides are the best source of information including- eligibility, documentation, application procedure, visa fee and processing times.

  1. IATA Travel Centre-

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association of world’s airlines. Many global airlines are associated with this center and you will find enough information about visa requirements of different countries beforehand.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website-

Every country has their own Ministry of Foreign Affairs website where you can get complete information about the visa application. So if you are visiting to a specific country then do check their foreign affair website to get the latest update on visa requirements. This will make your search much easier and faster.

  1. Visa and Immigrant Service-

There are multiple visa and immigration services that offer complete information and assistance for visa and other areas. One of them is Apex Visas that offer complete assistance to visa applicants. From application to landing in the country, they will help in every step.

  1. Travel Blogs-

Travel blogs are the best to check out for the visa requirement. Travelers provide complete travel diary right from the visa application to things to avoid. This will help in getting an idea on how you can apply for the visa of specific country.

It is important to complete all the requirements while applying for visa for any of the country. Companies like Apex Visas are there to help to fulfill all the requirements for the visa.


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