Many amongst us wish to live the “American Dream”. Been stated that a lot of international students shifts to the United States for new opportunities and better education every year. In a recent survey conducted, we at Apex Education LLP tried to pursue different reasons why these students look for higher education here and have compiled the list in this blog.


However, before you book your tickets and pack your bags to fly off; try researching whether you fulfil the criteria and whether or not you’re eligible for applying there. Coming back to the infinite reasons, and funding, internship opportunities- it’s fair to say that American universities come packed with a lot of benefits. Scroll down to read further!


1. America is the centre of the world

The influential country has the greatest economy. From TV shows, movies, news, and more, everyone is fond of American culture. To top it off, it is the home of growing innovation in fields like medicine, business, robotics, computing, physics, and so much more. Hence, the ratio of student immigrants grows every year.


2. A variety of funding options

Studying at an international university does not come at a cheap price. There are so many factors like accommodation, tuition fees, food, and so many expenses. Therefore, US universities offer funding options. While students have a hard time to process the application format, but American school offers a variety of scholarships, grants, bursaries, and assistantships, and you can also ask your universities of interest what other types of aid they offer international students.


3. American degrees are renowned worldwide

What if you study in the United States but don’t wish to remain there for work? Not to worry. A degree you receive at an American university is usually recognized and trusted worldwide and can be used if you’re applying for a job overseas.


4. Renowned professors

If you’re looking for your career in the latest innovations, the United States is the place to be. It is an abode that welcomes men and women from all over the world. At times, the professionals will teach at certain universities, whether that school is their alma mater or not. Some of these people take on permanent positions at the school, while others often give guest lectures. Whatever the case may be, it’s a great opportunity to learn and network. The few best of the university are Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, to name a few.


5. Great career opportunities

The main ambition of studying and getting a degree after two or four years is that you can achieve a job in your field of specialization. Students usually pack their bags once they get their qualifications completed and fly to another country for a job. While you can certainly expect that the USA fulfills the dream to work, live, and raise a family in the same country. You’ll be glad to know that the American school assures the international students and maintains a trust factor to attain available jobs in a particular sector.

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