Indians are spread across the world and with the globalization taking over, the purpose has further increased. Be it for the skilled job, higher education or permanent residency, there are various reasons why Indian head to different countries. Some of the top countries where Indians are largely settled are Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. The best part is the hassle-free visa service offered by the companies. Apex Visas, one of the leading visa and immigration service in India offers complete process for those who want to visit any of these countries and settle. From documentation to post-landing, Apex Visas offer complete solutions.

Top Countries

Let us now check out 5 top countries where Indians are highly settled:

  1. New Zealand:

This small island country has a majority population of European speaking people, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders. With the increasing economy, higher education and happy lifestyle, New Zealand is becoming the top country for Indian settlements. Presently, there are more than 1.7 lac Indians working as skilled workers, getting higher education or settled permanently. Moreover, with the easy visa application process and documentation, it has become much easier to settle.

  1. Canada:

Since ages, Canada has been the second home for Indians, especially Sikh community people. Representing the Federal Constitutional Monarchy with Parliamentary democracy, Canada is a safest and a democratic country. With the economy growing at the rate of 2.5% annually, there is a huge prospect for skilled workers. For permanent residents, Canada offers huge relief from tax and other benefits that attract Indians a lot.

  1. Australia:

The political stability, increasing economy and good education hub, has helped Australia to be the best immigrating country for Indians. There are more than 22 million inhabitants and mostly consisting of Indians having high skilled jobs, getting a top education and running a well-settled business.

  1. Hong Kong:

One of the business-oriented Asian countries, Hong Kong offers a great opportunity for skilled workers. The country has a good business economy and the taxes are lowest helping residents to have a high luxury life. Salaries in Hong Kong companies are high and offer a great career option. For students, the country has some reputed institutes to complete higher education.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy services provider, headquartered in Pune with a PAN India network of 19 branches. Backed by the core team of professionals, Apex Visas has earned a great review showcasing the years of experience & expertise in this industry. Apex Visas Officers carry hands-on experience in handling various visa processes laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to joining this certified company then do check out to know more about it.


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